Strengthening the Fight against Corruption and Illicit Trade
APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II
Partnerships for Sustainable Security
Cebu City, the Philippines | August 26, 2015

What are the APEC Pathfinder Dialogues?

APEC Pathfinder Dialogue I, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013, focused on the need to combat corruption and illicit trade networks involved in trafficking in persons, wildlife trafficking, and money laundering. This Dialogue emphasized the importance of inter-regional partnerships that share information and good practices to detect and disrupt transnational criminal syndicates. Building on the work in Bangkok, the APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II will assist all Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economies to disrupt the growing convergence of corruption and transnational crime—using the powerful law enforcement and criminal justice tools embodied within UNCAC and UNTOC.

APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II will bring together like-minded global stakeholders to improve understanding of how corruption enables serious transnational crime (illegal logging and trade, human trafficking and slavery, wildlife trafficking, illegal fishing, and money laundering) and how to address these threats by implementing the powerful international standards for law enforcement and criminal justice actors. APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II in Cebu City, the Philippines will involve APEC member economies, including members of the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Experts Working Group (ACT) and the Experts Group on Illegal Logging and Trade (EGILAT), and civil society. This Dialogue will enable anti-corruption authorities, law enforcement, and criminal justice officials, and civil society to work together to fight transnational crime and assist legitimate businesses to promote economic growth through anti-bribery programs. For more information about peace check out International Day of Peace 

Environmental Crime | APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II workshop segments will focus on good practices, strategies, and responses to corruption and environmental crime, including wildlife trafficking and illegal logging and fishing. Participants will explore proven strategies, such as financial investigation, multi-agency cooperation, multilateral coordination, and joint government-NGO efforts. Participants will also identify priorities for concrete actions to tackle corruption in environmental crime and help to safeguard our rainforests, endangered wildlife, oceans, and vital ecosystems.

Human Trafficking and Slavery | APEC Pathfinder Dialogue II workshop segments will explore good practices for combating corruption in human trafficking and review existing knowledge and available resources on the topic. The workshop will also focus on successful multilateral engagement between governments and intergovernmental organizations using anti-corruption strategies to investigate, prosecute, and prevent human trafficking, safeguard our children and human capital, and promote the empowerment of women across Asia-Pacific economies.

OECD Roundtable on Corruption Related to Trafficking in Persons | A related workshop will be held on Thursday, August 27, 2015 to further explore the role of corruption in human trafficking. Participants will identify good practices at national and regional levels in combating corruption related to TIP.